29 May 2010

USCG Collage

A collage I did for my cousin's husband serving in the Coast Guard.  He requested this to place with a resume.  This was pretty fun to do, and has been a LONG time since I had done one of these.  Thanks for the refresher :P

The challenges on this one were that I didn't have really great resolution on the photos that were sent to me.  I think it turned out pretty well anyway.

28 May 2010

Daniela Uhlig - "Unfair"

Another very cool tutorial with some good tips!

Mike t artworks

I found a Tutorial over at 3dtotal.com that I thought was amazing.  There are TONS of great tutorials in there to dig around in.

25 May 2010

Vandelay Design

Wow I stumbled upon a seriously cool website that deals mostly in Photoshop.  They do everything from Photo effects / retouching, to movie poster tutorials, vector image tutorials, and all around cool effects.  very good tutorials.  I just don't know where to spend my time!!!!

telling stories with shadows
THIS is one of my favorite ones.  absolutely awesome.

20 May 2010

Turkey Tutorial

A turkey I did following a video tutorial HERE . It's quite a bit different, but hey, why would I want to completely copy hers, right?!  I learned a lot, and have a TON left still to learn.  I never really did much in Illustrator as I learned most everything in PS.

Neon Luv

A wedding photo taken about a year and a half ago.  It's funny to those who know better because these roles are very much the reverse.  Done in Photoshop, and sad because I don't know how to flatten the image and convert it to CMYK without losing the effects from the layer style.

17 May 2010


Found this old briefcase.  Wonder what is inside?
found during my photo treasure hunt in Adrian, OR.

Faded Paint

Another building in Adrian, Oregon.  This was a building that had faded paint on it that I just HAD to photograph.

Adrian Market

The Adrian Market in Adrian, Oregon
My Dad and I stopped in to take photographs of this sleepy town.  It was a really fun time.  I still have a ton to learn about taking photographs and also about HDR.  I know it doesn't look real but I just love this effect.

Ben and the concrete mixer

This is my friend Ben.  We were at a Father and Son's outing on friday and saturday at a dam in Oregon.  I was playing with my dad's camera and decided to try some HDR stuff on CS5.  I love the textures that it brings out as well as the colors.

This is an old concrete mixer close to the dam.

13 May 2010

Dream to Reality

Another project in my drawing class.  This one was supposed to deal with a dream.  When I was a kid I slept on the top bunk.  One night I had a dream that I was falling from a cliff.  I hit the ground and woke up laying on the floor!

Anthropomorphic Me

This is a project in my Drawing class.  ink, tempera, and charcoal

Body Part collage

Another charcoal illustration that I did for my drawing class.