29 December 2015


I decided to take a drawing class because it was low-key and I have more time to devote to it right now than I do to the Fundamental Lighting class by Sam Neilson.  This time i'm taking a class from Thomas Fluharty.  below is the pencil study, and below that I played around with the values and added color in PS.

This lesson was on looking at shapes first and foremost.

13 December 2015

Grandpa Butterfield

I had done this little painting months ago after My Grandfather died.  I sure miss him.
Done using the Procreate app on the iPad with a crappy stylus.  Transferred to Photoshop to add the words, and to reposition the painting a bit.

18 November 2015


I can't remember how I came to do this project, if it was a study, or if my excellent friend Matthew Walker asked me to do a portrait.  I've had the reference for months.  The other day I sat down for a couple of hours and had a lot of fun working it out.  I changed the lighting in the painting, mainly because I could make it more interesting.  The original photo wasn't dramatic at all, and didn't have a very good range of values.  at any rate, I had a lot of fun creating this loose painting, and I feel like I learned a lot in the process!

The entire painting is done with red, because it is his favorite color!

This is the finished painting

He loves pixels so I simply used the mosaic filter and played with it until i got something that looked good.

The Line art...
The Mattface reference

03 October 2015

Thirtysomething Mutant Ninja Turtle

My 2-year old is watching TMNT.  I've been looking at it from the parent perspective, and it's been fun to watch him enjoy it as I did, although I was much older than he was when it first came out.

I was doodling in my sketch book and imagined where the Turtles might be today, being closer to 30 years old.  Some people are in better shape in their 30s than they were when they were teenagers, and some are not.

I imagined what they might be like if they were a typical working dad in their 30s with kids.  This work in progress is something along the lines of what I imagine that would be like.

I still have a bit to go on this one.

I had been taking Sam Neilson's class about color and light, and so i'm doing the best that I can to apply those principles here.  I haven't finished the class, unfortunately due to working more hours at work and working on a commission on top of that.

09 July 2015

Lesson 1...again

There were lots of things that I didn't like about my other attempts, and some things that I did like.  I watched some of the critiques that Sam gave to other previous students, and learned a lot.  There are still things that I still don't quite grasp, but I think I made some strides by doing it again.  I need to pick up the speed on these assignments, but work schedule and children vie for my company as does my wife, so these things just take time.


05 June 2015

fundamentals of lighting class with Sam Nielson

I jumped on board with Schoolism's kickstarter, and the first class I'm taking is called Fundamentals of Lighting.  Sam Nielson works for Disney's Avalanche Studio, and so far I'm loving his class.

lesson one was really basic, which is exactly what I need.

here is my completed assignment.  I know that I did this one too dark, and there isn't enough contrast.  I could have played with the level adjustments, but I felt like that was cheating?

anyway, the bottom right image is the image before placing textures.  I have a lot to learn, haha.

edit:  I decided to tweak the lighting anyway, and I think it looks a lot better.

19 April 2015

Fish Idaho

I decided one day to watch a Bob Ross video, and mimic it as best I could on my iPad using procreate.  I added the text using Adobe Comp.  I feel like it turned out rather well.  I had to stop referencing the video about 3/4 of the way through so I'm not sure how Bob's finished out.  I added the figures fishing, which gave me the idea to use the Adobe Comp.  I had added a paper texture I found online to make it look kind of like a poster.

05 April 2015

Stick boy

Just a sketch I did while listening to general conference.  I just used one brush - the charcoal brush.  It's always a fun challenge to use a brush with a heavy texture.

03 April 2015

Anatomy for the Artist with Stan Prokopenko

I've been trying to follow Stan Prokopenko's anatomy series since a few years ago.  I wish that I was more aggressive with it, but this is a sample of what I have learned/am learning right now.  the figure drawings are older.  right now we are looking at the spine structure.

I have learned a lot, and if I keep at it I know that I will improve.  a lot of these are just exercises, but were really fun and I continue to learn a lot!



28 March 2015

Poo Factory

I did this for my Brother and sister in law who just their first baby--a girl! her name is Emery.

I've had this idea in my mind for a couple of years and finally got around to it.

on the inside of the card is reads:  "but probably not!"


15 March 2015

St. Patrick

So I moved on from Paper by 53.  I just wasn't thrilled with it, so I bought procreate, and I can't stand how cool it is.  I did this piece using that program, and I'm also including a link to the recorded video of me painting it.

here is the link to the video 

26 January 2015


Another Paper app post.  I'm struggling with whether or not I feel like I want to keep using this app or not.  It's fun.  But the brushes don't play nicely together.  Markers don't color over top of brushes very well, for example.  Colored pencil and pen seem to be the only tools that can go over the top of other tools.  It's a fun challenge, but is it a challenge that I want to take or is it a challenge that I'm forced to undergo because of the limits of the program?

25 January 2015

Struggle bus

I'm playing with the Paper app by 53, and I'm using the Pencil stylus.  I'll admit that it is pretty fun, but it lacks a lot of things that I would think very important in a digital sketching app.  You can't color pick, and there are no layers.  You also cannot import pic or photos.

 The Pencil stylus is buggy for me at the moment.  Sometimes I will be painting, and all of the sudden it will smudge or it will erase.

Anyway I did this sketch of a bus.  I named it struggle bus because, well struggling.  

I will keep trying this app out, but I may return it before the 30 days and save for a stylus that offers pressure sensitivity.  We will see...