23 February 2014


24 April 2014.  Finished.  For some reason it changes the colors and brightness when I post this here. we will see how my brother likes this, and hopefully there isn't a ton of adjusting I will have to do for it to be printed correctly.

19 April 2014.  Ok, a process shot.  I haven't worked on this much, but when I do I really enjoy it because I continue to learn a lot.  still have a long way to go.

I told my brother that I would do a painting for him months ago.  He had a kid and named him Brisbane.  He also happens to really love Starcraft, and enjoys banelings.  so I thought it would be fun to have a pic of Brisbane riding atop a baneling.  It is still in the works (it has been for months) but I am sure I will eventually finish it.  I bet I could finish it up in a day or so.  But why get it done today if I can do it tomorrow?  or the next day?

anyway, here is a process pic: