29 June 2012

illustration friday -feet

I found a website called Illustration friday when I very first started this blog.  Every Friday they post a word or phrase that someone else submits, and challenge you to come up with a picture to represent that.

I am going to attempt to do one every friday.  It was always my intention but I never did.  Today is my first one, and the word was "refresh"

since It is a quick drawing I think this will be good for me to not get carried away in thinking about something too much.


21 June 2012

Abominable snow man (WIP)

I decided to do something digital since it has been awhile.  I thought that it would be fun to create a unique version of the abominable snowman.  something that I hadn't seen before.

So I made him look like a tree.  perfect camouflage!  maybe too perfect.

I'm most interested in color gamut theory at this point.  That's actually the reason I even began this project in the first place.  I'm trying to wrap my head around it!

the  machine is not from reference but it will be redone.  I wanted to see how a neutral gray could look like yellow, so I was trying to achieve that.

anyway, here is a process shot.  more to come.

17 June 2012

Sketchbook pages

I haven't been doing elaborate projects lately, but I have been fairly diligent in working in my sketchbook and making an effort to expand my vocabulary with different mediums and subjects.  every day I try an exercise that presents me with projects that force me to try new things, or do things that I should be doing anyway but am just to unmotivated.

so here are some pages that I thought were fun, anyway.

One of the first few days I took a trip to the zoo and it was somewhat of a fiasco, so I didn't even bother posting those pages, but this watercolor was a sketch I did upon returning home, defeated. and the second page is a couple of things I drew from images on the internet

Sketched a lion and then did a color overlay in PS.  then placed a halftone in the background

left to right, pen and watercolor, 50% grey marker and acrylic (can't really see the marker but it worked out really cool as I went), and pen and Nupastel.  I had numbered 8 different mediums, and asked my wife to choose 2 numbers from 1-8, and then I used those 2.

This one was interesting because I just took random brush strokes and created creatures from interesting forms that I saw in them