27 July 2011

Death Knight character Gingg

Updated 25 Sept.  

Aaaaaand DONE.  phew!  I think it's a success!  Certainly took me long enough!
I flipped it because the sword was in the wrong hand.  is that cheating?!
nah! :P

My Buddy plays a DK.  well sorta.  Every month or so we log in to see what is new.  I hadn't seen his character in months as I too haven't been playing either.  So this is his character Gingg.

A couple of process shots, and then the final will come at some point in the future.

I decided to try b/w and then apply color over the top.  So far im not really super pleased with the lack of vibrant colors when I do a color overlay, but maybe im doing it wrong?

Also not a lot of process shots because I didn't think about it when i started...

<--Minion RAWR!

 one of the things that vexes me greatly is how to properly draw/paint shoulder armor.  It never looks right and I can't seem to wrap my head around it.  or the armor around the shoulder/body ;)

updated 7 aug 2011
small changes.  Im putting off doing the sword and back ground because I'm scared!  
There I said it!

updated 15 aug 2011
Playing around with blurring the hand in the front.
I added the sword (finally) and then made the arm and sword lighter so that it appeared to be more behind him.  We will see how the end result...ends.  im dreading tackling the back ground.  that is such a bad attitude!

updated 26 Aug 2011
Well this is getting drawn out huh?!  sooo many process shots.
I broke down and tackled the back ground.  I really like the gritty feel
which I accomplished by using a slab of concrete on an overlay layer over the top.  
Still agonizing over getting the character colors right!  I like how the back ground turned out tho.

updated 17 sept.
Colored version (so far)  once I get it all done I'll put a greenish overlay so it pulls it all together.
yay.  Haven't worked on it forever because of school and trying to do other stuff.  plus I got stuck on the colors.