19 April 2015

Fish Idaho

I decided one day to watch a Bob Ross video, and mimic it as best I could on my iPad using procreate.  I added the text using Adobe Comp.  I feel like it turned out rather well.  I had to stop referencing the video about 3/4 of the way through so I'm not sure how Bob's finished out.  I added the figures fishing, which gave me the idea to use the Adobe Comp.  I had added a paper texture I found online to make it look kind of like a poster.

05 April 2015

Stick boy

Just a sketch I did while listening to general conference.  I just used one brush - the charcoal brush.  It's always a fun challenge to use a brush with a heavy texture.

03 April 2015

Anatomy for the Artist with Stan Prokopenko

I've been trying to follow Stan Prokopenko's anatomy series since a few years ago.  I wish that I was more aggressive with it, but this is a sample of what I have learned/am learning right now.  the figure drawings are older.  right now we are looking at the spine structure.

I have learned a lot, and if I keep at it I know that I will improve.  a lot of these are just exercises, but were really fun and I continue to learn a lot!