21 April 2011

One eye, Two eyes, Three eyes

Well, here is the finished piece!  Im really please with it.  It was a really darn fun process to work out.  working on wood, at least the way i did it, was challenging, especially not prepping it.

it is acrylic on an oak plywood and graphite.  I think I will play around with this technique some more.

07 April 2011

1, 2, 3 eyes character sketches

This is a character "sketch"  for the aforementioned "dark fairy tales"  project.  I chose a story called "one eye, two eyes, three eyes".  Im not completely happy with the characters still, but this was more a practice of acrylic / watercolor / pencil /pen on a piece of board.  It's pretty crappy wood, but it served its purpose!

I think they turned out nicely.  hopefully better board will look even better!

01 April 2011

House on a hill

I'm starting to play around more with watercolor.  This time I mixed in a bit of acrylic with some of the colors.   Two of my illustration professors, Bill Carmen and Ben Wilson, both water their acrylics down quite a bit, so I thought I might try it out.

I can't leave my zebra ball point pen alone, so I sketched on top of the painting again after putting the paint down.  I rather like much of the things that happened in the painting process.  

This is a practice for our next project dealing with "dark fairytales".  I bought the Marvel Comics version of "wonderful world of Oz"  graphic novel, and really enjoyed the style.  Some of it is similar to my own, but much more confident.  This painting is greatly inspired by that book.  

nope, not doing wizard of oz for my dark fairy tale tho!  Im going to find a much more obscure title!