22 January 2012

Life drawing from reference

These are studies that I have done during the Christmas and New Years break from School.  Most of them are from pictures of real people, while others are studies from other drawings.  The legs, for example are He-Man's :P

I'm trying to be conscious of bone structures and where muscles attach to bones.  I'm excited for another semester of Life drawing, as I decided to take it again!  

19 January 2012

random sketches

I have almost 3 hours between classes this semester.  That is both good and bad.  Good, because IF i''m motivated I can work in my sketch book and do studies.  Bad because...well, who wants that much of a gap between classes?  anyway, I used some of that time to try and squeeze some creativity out of my brain. I like the tope left guy.  the bigger armored guy was a frantic mess as I didn't realize where the time went and had to get to class, but wanted to work some stuff out.

anyway, hopefully more of this sort of thing and better.  I like the 50% grey marker.  its fun.

09 January 2012

lizard studies

I had an image in my head of a dragon about to overtake some knight or warrior.  A cliche idea, but it was in my head anyway, so I decided to do some sketches of a dragon head.  I want to draw from life as much as possible and since dragons aren't real I went to find pics of lizards.  here are a few quick ones before I leave for the day.  I'll have to get some more done because they were pretty fun.  ignore the foot.

the middle lizard head is squeezed way too narrow.  but it was a fun learning process.  Some of it made more sense to me because I had watched some videos of Feng Zhu and some of his insectoid paintings use similar spikes as this horned lizard does.  so watching him paint those help me understand some of the spines as they wrap around multiple surfaces.

06 January 2012

anatomy quickie

I've been sketching, I swear!  I just haven't done anything digital for awhile.  It has been frustrating because I should have had TONS of time during the break to do lots of painting and drawing but I just haven't in reality.

anyway, I had to get something in today to make myself feel like less of a slacker.  I decided to start doing quick anatomy studies.  even tho these aren't even close to correct.  It's hard to actually draw with a wacom for me.  I much prefer scanning in line drawings.  but anyway this was pretty fun.  something is better than nothing right?!