30 August 2012

I'Ecorché app!

I don't have an iPad or tablet of any kind.  yet.  I will tho.  and when I do one of my first purchases will be This awesome app.

23 August 2012

page o portraits

So I signed up to get emails from this artist named.  Stan Prokopenko he had some short tutorials and explanations on a number of things.  he seemed to know a lot, and was good at explaining things.  

recently, he made a couple of movies based on Andrew Loomis' figure drawing books.  He did an excellent job putting the video together and it was SUPER inspirational.  At the end he said, "go do it a hundred times"  so I started.  in my larger sketchbook I got about 40 done.  some weren't full featured portraits, but some were. then I decided to move to my smaller sketchbook where I enjoy drawing more.  This is my 2 page spread of 21 faces done the Andrew Loomis method that was explained much easier by Stan.

Thanks, Stan.  I learned a lot and am learning more and more.  This could be a really amazing breakthrough for me.  I still have a lot of issues to work through as you can tell but some of these are just great.

I'm pretty excited.  I have 39 more to go.  I don't think they will all be as interesting as some 
of these though.

14 August 2012

Sketchbook: Barbarian

Update: 15 Aug.
I decided to put some acrylic to this.  I wanted to keep the colors simple, and do something interesting.  

I wanted to do a silly overblown helmet on a Barbarian.  The Barbarian mythos is one of my favorite.  Often they are shown wearing bones and helms adorned with things that they have killed. 

I enjoyed doing the asymmetrical horns and such.  I need to work on symmetry of the face and body more, but this was a lot of fun.  I may paint it in acrylic washes.  we will see I guess.

11 August 2012

Illustration Friday - Freeze

Well, I had wanted to do an illustration every friday for this Illustration Friday website, but I failed.  miserably.  but hey, I was doing other stuff!

anyway, Friday was yesterday and I started this, and then finished it up today.  I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it, since it is a one day thing.  Really, I should constrain myself to a couple hours at most. I get carried away

BUT I stopped myself short of adding values and textures like I would have done if it were for class or a different project.

I should draw some cages down below with humans in them.  but you get the idea...

08 August 2012

sketchbook -

A friend told me that another friend who I met through another friend had surgery on his neck...something about a metal plate.  I needed something to do in my sketchbook so I used him

I sorta need to go easier on the watercolor pencils with this sketchbook because it turns the surface of the paper to pulp.  and it doesn't mix well at that point.

ah well, this was fun anyway.

02 August 2012

Sketchbook post: Julie Newmar...sorta

Pencil, ink wash, watercolor pencil.

I did this from a b/w photo of Julie Newmar.  I actually had my sketchbook at a different angle when i drew it so this pic looks like she is leaned over more than she really is.  the colors are more vibrant here than the actual one as well.

it doesn't really look like her, but...whatever :)