26 July 2010

Junk, fridge, bed, etc

I finally got around to putting up another photo from Adrian, OR.  Same demolished building!  There were so many cool textures and lighting scenarios!  I should have more sometime soon!

18 July 2010

Tablet Practice #7

Another practice I did today.  Sadly it took a couple of hours.  But I'm figuring things out, I feel.

I was playing with gradients/layer styles once the sketch was done.  I made 2 different gradient layers, one was a yellow - transparent from the upper right set to hue, and another layer black to transparent on the bottom right set to hue as well.  I thought it gave it an interesting feel.  at least it isn't AS boring as it was...

again i've posted the reference pic straight below it.   Obviously not finished, but this is just another exercise.  Someday I shall do something and finish it.  

17 July 2010

Tablet Practice #6

It's been awhile, but I decided to try and do something uncomfortable.  Meaning a landscape.  As you can see i struggle with that.  especially water, but i think that this was successful in a lot of ways.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make fresh clean marks.  And i'm still learning to make crisp strokes and not jagged 

15 July 2010

Tablet Practice #5

A quick sketch of a dude sitting in church.  
Ballpoint pen scanned in and colored.  

13 July 2010

Tablet Practice #4

I thought I would break away from people and monsters and try something I really don't love to do terribly.  that is still life.  In art classes we do tons of still life, although I have never painted still life really.  just used charcoal and pencil.  

I enjoyed this exercise tho, simply because the colors of fruit are so enjoyable and often very vibrant.

below is the reference for this still life.

08 July 2010

Tablet practice #3

Another tablet/photoshop exercise.  Yep, you caught me.  those whelps were copy/pasted and the hue changed, from the red one.  clever ;)

not finished, obviously, but I'm really trying to do a daily one, so if i only get partway done, then sobeit!

07 July 2010

Book Cover Project

For the last assignment for my digital tools I class we had to create a dust cover for one of our favorite books that we have read.  I chose A Dangerous Book for Boys.  I had a lot of fun doing it.

The colors didn't print how I would have liked, and I neglected to put any author info or quotes on the inside flaps.  Truthfully I forgot all about that because I was so wrapped up in creating the actual cover.

Soon I will add pictures of the original book, and also how it looks on the book itself.

Tablet Practice #2

I was doing a sweet (well as sweet as I can get atm) Hansel and Grettal painting inspired by the Brothers Grimm movie, and PS crashed and I lost it all.  CURSE YOU, PHOTOSHOP!  and curse me for not saving.

SO anyway, this is what I resorted to after the crash.  Still trying to figure out the smooth blending and trying to get a steadier hand whilst drawing.  

I think for awhile I shall continue to work in monochromatic palettes...

04 July 2010

tablet practice #1

Ok, so I've decided to grit my teeth and try the tablet again.  I tend to be super hard on myself, so I put it away a few months ago because I got fed up with failing!  Recently I've been watching a lot of tutorials and decided I just need to practice practice practice.  

SO I will be doing something almost every day to see if I can get the feel of this thing.  I've done some digital paintings that turned out pretty well, but i had hit a slump and wanted to call it quits.

"Go Green" Assaulted me!

Ok, I honestly have no problem with recycling and all that good stuff.  However i find it disgusting how literally everywhere and everything says "go green" on it.  I was sitting there, and all at once it was on the radio, in a magazine, on the internet and ti had just watched several adds on TV.  

It's somewhat humorous how so many companies are jumping on this bandwagon when they haven't changed a dang thing about the way they do business, except maybe stop using stickies.

/rant off.  (cuz I could go all day)

So this was a project where we had to create stencils in illustrator, and bring them in and "spray" them on to a wall or object, and then make it look like it was really on it.  I had a lot of fun.  There are areas where I can see some detail work that needs to be done, and some tweakage, but for the most part I'm pretty happy with it!

A Pungent of Sasquatch

A project in my graphic design tools class.  This was based off of a book called A Filth of Starlings, by Patrick George.  Here is a link to his book!  it is definitely a cool book.

Basically the idea is to make a fun image out of animal group names.  I chose a "pungent of Sasquatch".
this image is how it would look like in Patrick's book.  On one side is the image, and on the other an explanation and a silhouette.  Swell stuff indeed.