22 November 2013

Sketchbook post

I've been bad.

I haven't done much with my sketchbook.  Well, not the one that I might carry around with me when I go places.  I started a larger one to do studies in, but I've mostly neglected this other one.  I'm not really halfway through it, and would like to fill it before year's end.  might be a lofty goal at this point.

any way, I figured that I should post a few things.

Just some random portraits and a sidewalk with buildings, which I never draw because, well, perspective.

this started out as an india ink drawing, and then I decided to add acrylic washes to it.  

This one also started out as an india ink drawing but I chose watercolors.  I would have continued, but 1- I'm not too familiar with watercolors, and 2- the sketchbook pages were beginning to break down because of all the water media I was using.  There were some cool things that were happening with it and I learned some things.