21 March 2013

Bird King. again.

Thumbnails are fun.  I painted this thumbnail at this size.  I really enjoy thumbnails like this because I feel the most creative in this process.  For some reason my line-work is making little to no progress.  I seem to feel more comfortable with painting shapes.  I will keep working at it tho.  

I seem to be stuck on this "Bird King"  character that I posted earlier.  I would like to flesh this out more.  right now Adam Ford is one of my most favorite artists.  my style isn't like his at all, but he gets me excited about doing art.  I guess sometimes we need that.

Update: 30 March
I wanted his legs to be smaller like in the acrylic painting.  I messed around with this for 2 hours.  doesn't look like 2 hours worth of work, haha.