17 February 2013


Well, I decided to take the time to "finish" this one.  He is being a huge fuss-monster right now so getting anything done is a miracle in and of itself.  He is usually pretty good...tomorrow he goes to the Doc, and I'm sure it will be the worst experience of his life for years to come.

14 February 2013

Logan WIP

well, 1.5 weeks ago my wife gave birth to our baby boy, Logan!  He is a bundle of joy.  sometimes he is a Fuss monster, but for the most part he is pretty swell.  I haven't had much time, but I've started a painting of him.

It has been fun.  I usually try not to paint skin because it is pretty dang tough, but Im learning and thats what is important.  I haven't decided if I am just not able to make smooth shiny paintings or if I just really like the impressionistic feel...