15 March 2012

Vanquisher of EVIL...Bushes, acrylic colors process

Im going to journal this acrylic journey.  Im really trying to loosen up as well as understand how Bill Carmen has been pleading with me to treat painting, both digitally and traditionally.  starting loose, and building layers.  Ive done one other painting, but i think this one will be vastly better than the last (sorry, Dad)

I love the process of exploration.  Bill always gets so passionate about finding beautiful and unexpected textures as he paints, and I am finding that as well.

I'll keep updating this post with process shots as I go.

Updated: 16 March

Still having fun.  I need to figure out how to achieve smoother strokes and transitions.  
maybe it's a patience thing...

Updated: 28 March

Updated 31 March
The changes probably seem small.  But I'm still slow at this process.  Im having fun tho, and learning.  so I guess that is ok.  Working on the pile of leaves and then tweaking a few things here and there, and then hopefully I will be done.  I'm ready to be :)
aaaand as an update, I'm not liking how dark it became.  /sigh.  not sure how to bring that back without losing ...something.

13 March 2012

vanquisher of evil...Bushes final sketch

I left this project to work on others in various classes.  also I'm scared to do acrylics again, lol

I'm pretty happy with the composition now, so hopefully I can make this gleam by painting it well.

11 March 2012

Life drawing collage

In life drawing we had to draw notes of 16 different poses and use at least 6 of them in a large scale drawing.  It ended up that we had to pretty much do the actual drawings at home.  My sketches weren't specific enough as to lighting so I had to make that up.  I treated it with amber shellac, and the color was added in PS to see what i would do to it next.  Im still exploring but this is one possibility

07 March 2012


This is another project I'm working on in my Illustration class

Its a work in progress shot, so nothing super exciting yet.  working with perspective is SUPER time consuming, but fun.

Basically it is 2 sentinels carved from on-site rock structures that stand next to the path that leads to the castle.  the castle and path will be on a sheer cliff so the sentinels, or the rocks that they are carved from, reach far below.  I'm excited to start painting it

Updated 8 March:
A couple of process shots.  this is tougher than I thought.  Im trying not to be fussy, but I'm painting over the same stuff over and over because I don't know hot to treat this.  its a fun process, but...grrr.

Update 10 March
Im reworking the arms a bit because they were too long and less interesting.  now there is more overlap.
Ill have to figure out how to add some colors in to make this pop more.  

Updated 12 March

Im struggling with my brush strokes, and unsure how to paint it basically.  I worked on the castle.  I did it very loosely, as I wasn't sure if I would keep it.  It was basically an exploration of "materials".
I like the colors, but it just feels...bleh.

Updated 16 March

Updated 19 March

updated 31 March
I've done a bunch of work on this and some of it I like a lot and others I feel hopelessly bound to mistakes or inability.  I guess that is just part of the journey.  It is still a WIP.  here it is so far tho.