27 April 2013

update bird king process

I received some gracious help from Bill Carman about how to go about adding color to this.  He really helped me get moving.  This is close to how I envisioned this, but not quite.  I'm going to do a few more of these to figure this out.  so far there are things I really like that I'm doing, and other things I'm still completely lost on.

anyway, here is this update, for now.

20 April 2013

better boogar...a sketchbook post

Today's sketchbook topic was "something green".  I imagined blue trolls comparing green boogars.  I threw some color on this quickly, but I may paint the original piece in my book in acrylic.  we will see?

13 April 2013

sketch book post

well, It's been awhile since I drew in my sketchbook.  I usually sketch in a sketchbook every sunday during church, but as far as my regular sketchbook goes, I haven't been faithful.  for shame.

I was doing a business card design for my father in law that involved cowboy hats.  I've only drawn a handful of them before so it was fun.  I couldn't help but draw a head under one.  

not sure what was going on with me here.  the face is weird, but somehow I still like this...

I'm committing to a themed drawing every day, and the first day happened to be a mythical creature.  I decided to recreate a gryphon.  no wings, but kept the lion body, and used an owl head instead.  Hadn't seen one of those yet, although I'm sure it has been done.