27 August 2016


I have moved away from Photoshop in favor or the Procreate app for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.  It has made it so that I don't have to hide away in my studio to sketch or draw.  I'm enjoying learning to simulate a more painterly effect in my work.

Below I have included a bunch of images that i did with the app.  Some of them are finished, but most of them are simply musings or incomplete ones as well.

Face study 1

Face study 2
Face study 3
Screaming child on Santa's Lap (incomplete)
Linework for a comission
Finished commission
Project that required making
a monster from a superhero
Some thumbnail color studies
He-Man and Skeletor, of course!
I'm pretty pleased with this one.
I wanted to do a study of Frank Frazetta's "Night Stalker"
An attempt at a landscape.  I just got bored with it
after I got stuck and just couldn't get
myself to complete it
And my latest study is Orko from He-Man MOTU.
I referenced a drawing and then painted it.
I think it turned out pretty awesome