04 July 2010

"Go Green" Assaulted me!

Ok, I honestly have no problem with recycling and all that good stuff.  However i find it disgusting how literally everywhere and everything says "go green" on it.  I was sitting there, and all at once it was on the radio, in a magazine, on the internet and ti had just watched several adds on TV.  

It's somewhat humorous how so many companies are jumping on this bandwagon when they haven't changed a dang thing about the way they do business, except maybe stop using stickies.

/rant off.  (cuz I could go all day)

So this was a project where we had to create stencils in illustrator, and bring them in and "spray" them on to a wall or object, and then make it look like it was really on it.  I had a lot of fun.  There are areas where I can see some detail work that needs to be done, and some tweakage, but for the most part I'm pretty happy with it!

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