22 December 2011

castle in the trees

I've been slacking!  well sorta.  I've been busy with Christmas stuff.

I was going to do a study with a treetop scene, and as I looked for references of say, jungle canopies, I started to imagine if a tree grew up really fast under a castle and broke it up into pieces and while growing around it, contained some of the structures as it grew upward and twisted.    So this piece took an hour.  but I had distractions!

I obviously didn't finish this, but it may be an idea I revisit at some point.  I made the canvas size 2xs bigger than the actual picture I was painting so that I could place 3 point perspective lines, using the line tool as I went.  I just discovered how to use this in the lagoon piece that I still haven't revisited :S  It could be a great tool, but it causes me to be too tight, and Im going to have to watch that.  I think that this could have a lot more character If I were to loosen up a bit more and then worry about finer lines later.

If I were to complete this I would break the structures more and make them look crumbly, and add vine rope ladders and bridges, more branches/buildings/etc.

I originally started doing rounded spires, but I thought the blocky rooftops and buildings were a nice contrast to the trees.

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