06 February 2012


This is a "thumbnail" of a project in my drawing II class.  It is going to be roughly 50 x 42" completed.  We had to come up with a "space"  and put some object or creature element in it.  no humans allowed.  I found a cool photo online of a hallway in Prague and couldn't think of anything interesting to put in the space that someone else wasn't already doing.  I decided to change a few things from the original photo of course and add a tree and some vines in photoshop to get a composition.

Once I start roughing the actual one in I'll add more details, but at least I have something to start.  This could be a cool painting project as well!  we will see!

right side is my original sketch.  I erased a ton so you can see a lot of ghost images.  I got yelled at by another student for trying to render it too much...it is a preview sketch after all, says they.  :P

anyway, I like the composition.

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  1. Tell that student to "kiss it". Preview sketch or not, it's still your work. and if you want to render it in order to set it up for photoshop, so be it. I hate people like that. can't wait to see the final product. I did the giant rat for mine (he's on the end of my blog). Remember with cheryl you have to have a reason for everything. so keep that in mind.