23 August 2012

page o portraits

So I signed up to get emails from this artist named.  Stan Prokopenko he had some short tutorials and explanations on a number of things.  he seemed to know a lot, and was good at explaining things.  

recently, he made a couple of movies based on Andrew Loomis' figure drawing books.  He did an excellent job putting the video together and it was SUPER inspirational.  At the end he said, "go do it a hundred times"  so I started.  in my larger sketchbook I got about 40 done.  some weren't full featured portraits, but some were. then I decided to move to my smaller sketchbook where I enjoy drawing more.  This is my 2 page spread of 21 faces done the Andrew Loomis method that was explained much easier by Stan.

Thanks, Stan.  I learned a lot and am learning more and more.  This could be a really amazing breakthrough for me.  I still have a lot of issues to work through as you can tell but some of these are just great.

I'm pretty excited.  I have 39 more to go.  I don't think they will all be as interesting as some 
of these though.

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