13 April 2013

sketch book post

well, It's been awhile since I drew in my sketchbook.  I usually sketch in a sketchbook every sunday during church, but as far as my regular sketchbook goes, I haven't been faithful.  for shame.

I was doing a business card design for my father in law that involved cowboy hats.  I've only drawn a handful of them before so it was fun.  I couldn't help but draw a head under one.  

not sure what was going on with me here.  the face is weird, but somehow I still like this...

I'm committing to a themed drawing every day, and the first day happened to be a mythical creature.  I decided to recreate a gryphon.  no wings, but kept the lion body, and used an owl head instead.  Hadn't seen one of those yet, although I'm sure it has been done.

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