23 January 2014

sketchbook post

I wanted to submit some sketches before I write a post for the first of the year.  I have been drawing more, and I have also had a couple of commissions.  one is a rather big deal, for me.

I've always struggled with mouths.  
the one on the right is an ink wash sketch.  I think that I could have pushed the values more.

because flannel shirts and axes...

this bottom one was fun.  It was one of those sketches that you don't really have a preconceived idea. You just start going, and go kind of slow/absent minded-like.  was therapeutic.

of course inspired by The Iron Giant, although subconsciously.  another ink wash sketch.  pretty fast.
My sketchbook tolerates wet media only to a point.

was watching a series called Vikings on amazon prime.  thought it would be fun to try drawing zeus as a cloud.  In my mind it would look pretty sweet as a painting.  on the right a super fast anatomically incorrect viking in ballpoint pen and watercolor-pencils.

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