09 October 2014

The Frankensteins

Had some fun trying to understand gamut masking that I read about on James' Gurney's wonderful blog.  I'm trying to get a feel for choosing a color gamut and still be able to create colors and values.  I also tried a "traditional" brush that I hadn't really tried before, and I'm pretty pleased.  I really like some of the color variations that I was able to achieve.

I'm still uncertain if the color gamut masking allows me to use different values than are shown.  I mixed some of the colors, obviously, but doing it digitally is dangerous because it seems like I get outside of the gamut at times.  is that possible?  I'm not sure.  but I liked what happened on this one.

I would have liked to use some brighter values in some areas, but I also really like the feeling of this painting.  chalk it up to experience and learning from trial and error.

here is the Gamut that I but out and color-picked from.  I mixed colors from this gamut as well.

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