03 October 2015

Thirtysomething Mutant Ninja Turtle

My 2-year old is watching TMNT.  I've been looking at it from the parent perspective, and it's been fun to watch him enjoy it as I did, although I was much older than he was when it first came out.

I was doodling in my sketch book and imagined where the Turtles might be today, being closer to 30 years old.  Some people are in better shape in their 30s than they were when they were teenagers, and some are not.

I imagined what they might be like if they were a typical working dad in their 30s with kids.  This work in progress is something along the lines of what I imagine that would be like.

I still have a bit to go on this one.

I had been taking Sam Neilson's class about color and light, and so i'm doing the best that I can to apply those principles here.  I haven't finished the class, unfortunately due to working more hours at work and working on a commission on top of that.

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