01 February 2016

Lion Statue Study

I've never quite been able to replicate something that I see exactly how it is.  I still enjoy a study now and then.  This one took me a few days because I forced myself to walk away and come back another day, put a bit of graphite down, come back the next day, etc.

Study I did of a statue of a lion (reference below)


  1. Great to see new work!

  2. Hey thanks! I appreciate you checking out the blog!

  3. Hey Kyle, it's been a long time. (This is Morgan Mundie. I hope you remember me.) A couple of my friends in Sun Valley are looking for an artist to do caricatures at their wedding. They're paying and you were the first guy I thought of. Their budget is 400, but I'm sure its negotiable. Let me know if your interested. Have a good one man.