29 October 2016

Collecting Art

I was asked if id be willing to write a blog post about my thoughts on collecting art. 

I don't know much about collecting art.  I collect art like a pack rat. I collect art sort of like a modern Marry Poppins...except I'm a man, I'm not very proper, and my magical bag is a mobile device.
The art world has all kinds of niches in it, but it boils down to 2 or 3 types, in my opinion. There are those who continue to create imagery using more traditional methods, and there are those that use digital methods. Some of us utilize both! For those whose final product comes from digital prints, the artwork is often deemed less-and I struggle for the right word to use here-"pure". It's less..."original", less..."tactile". Many people wouldn't pay the same amount for a digital painting as they would for one created in traditional mediums, even though it still could have quite possibly taken the same amount of time, and simply utilized a different set of skills. However, I have found the issue for many is this: If it can be reproduced, then why should I pay a premium for a copy anyone can have?

I think people collect what moves them. Some are moved by the fantastic. Some are moved by suggestion. Some are moved by the idea of collecting art. I like collecting images of art that strikes me, but it's not always the same genre of art or even the same style.
I suppose I collect art to consume; to learn from it-and make part of it my own.

I guess maybe that's why I think people collect art - to make a part of it their own.

If you wanted to start collecting physical pieces of art to hang in your home, there are lots of ways to do it. If you know an artist that you enjoy is going to be attending a convention, such as Comic Con, they will almost certainly be selling prints of their work. I have a friend that rents booth space every year to sell his work. If you don’t attend Conventions, you can always search for an artist’s blog or website and find prints of their work on there. Another friend of mine has purchased a number of works this way. All of the prints he has received have been very high quality! Another way to procure some sweet art is by commissioning work from your artist of choice. This is most certainly more expensive, but well worth it if you love their aesthetic.

Digital art collections are as easy as you want it to be. As I mentioned before, I save lots of images that I like, and create folders of them. The toughest part about digital artwork is that it hides away, and gets lost in the mixture of folders and other great works.

There are various online art stores and auction places to browse if you want to find something specific to buy, or look around to explore other options.  invaluable.com is one such site.  I haven't purchased anything from invaluable.com so I can't vouch for them, but it seems interesting enough to browse!

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