23 October 2010

Stupid Wrench

This was the first project in Bill Carman's illustration class.  We were given a noun and an adjective.

I pulled "stupid" and "wrench".

the 1st panel had to be just the noun.
The 2nd panel had to be an illustration that represented the adjective and the noun Illustrated.
The 3rd panel was similar to the 2nd, only we had to use a photograph of our noun, and implement illustration somehow, while still represent the idea of a "stupid wrench"

the 1st and 2nd panel are pen and ink.
for the 2nd panel I used a Prismacolor 40% grey marker
The 3rd was done in Photoshop.  (the wrench and wall socket are photos that I took)

 3   5" x 5"  illustrations mounted on foamcore

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