24 October 2011


I'm finally buckling down now that I lost my job.  Im doing more drawing from life.  I have to say there are a few hurdles that I have found.  1- I don't see really well, so things are a bit blurry.  2- sometimes I sit there and think to myself, "gosh, none of this stuff is interesting enough to sit and draw" (i hate still life)  3- interesting things don't sit still, and I have a hard time remembering just how that person looked as they in ____ pose.  oh and 4- my excuse for never doing life drawing is that I hate carrying my big sketchbook around.  so I got a small journal and now Im going to be using that wherever I go.

anyway, these are just some sketches I did of a cowboy hat.  I have always been terrible at drawing them so I found some reference and went at it.  I think some of them have quite good character!  It was fun anyway.

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