24 October 2011

just for fun (isn't it always?)

My friend is building another company and he needed a logo, of course.  So he came to me and another mutual friend and asked us to come up with something.  My first design mockup was too dark.  it would have made a cool illustration, but I guess it wouldn't have been real family friendly.  So I began to brainstorm and then got carried away and came up with this.  I actually didn't finish it, because I realized that I got carried away and needed to quit and work on the other numerous projects that I had.

This was fun however because I did a series of very interesting and dynamic poses for paper.

so here we have a paper gun fight old west style.  no guns in it yet, didn't plan on putting any in.  just kept it plain and simple.  If i were to finish it i would put in a back ground and add some textures and such.

good times.

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