21 November 2011

broken tower - loosening up

My Illustration professor had me look at a great digital painter and concept artist named Feng Zhu.  He has a ton of great tutorials and he talks about the industry, digital painting, and a lot of other really interesting and helpful things.  I wish I could afford to go to his school!  Oh you can see his site here!

anyway, after watching some of his videos, I felt like i needed to loosen up and be more expressive, and not work so much on details right away.  I did a 1 hour painting here, using a photo reference only for some inspiration.  I like the feel of this for the most part.  I spent some time getting to know some new brushes that I made and making some new ones.  Im really liking this and wonder how this will work when I do a character or something.  I always want to do hard edges, and I'm trying hard to find a middle ground where my edges aren't so boring.  also trying to come up with a  cool sig.  meh.


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