07 November 2011

illustration project 2 for this semester

Updated 14 Nov
DONEZO!  huzzah.  I think it turned out great!  Thanks to Bill for some awesome suggestions

Updated 12 Nov
added some ground and monsters in the back ground, worked on the leg armor.  not super happy with the leg armor, but the other new stuff is interesting!  I just noticed I need some sky colors in my ground!!! All that is left so far is the smelly hand, something on the belt, and the hammer/arm.  oops and the hand holding the skull.  /sigh now that I'm counting it seems like a ton!
it's fun tho, and I'm learning lots.

updated 11 Nov 2011

Updated 8 november 2011
trying some effects and I think I like this blue color for the atmosphere better
also some random changes to the armor

So I'm running out of time for all my projects.  I'm not completely happy with my initial drawing, and neither is my instructor, but I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure it all out.  I'm just going to move forward with what I had.  I guess I'll learn from this experience and make the best of it.

My dad talked some sense in to me, and he told me something is better than nothing, and I needed to just go to work on what I had.

so I sat down and used puppet warp on my line art and then went to town painting on it.  I'm learning a lot in the process so that is exciting.  there are a lot of other issues that I will paint over and correct as I go, but here is a process shot.

It isn't as eerie as I want it, but I think that will come.  Im happy with the direction it's going. this has been a difficult project for me to get started on


  1. I know this is months late...

    Im standing in my office with your picture all blown up, hoping no one randomly walks by, as i try to recreate the pose of this character, hoping to help in anyway re: the shoulder armor. . .

    i think the key is how the character's right ear is lining up with the inside of the shoulder armor, and almost with the inside of his arm while at the same time lining up with the center ridge of the chest plate. does that make sense? if you rotated the shoulder plate toward his back by a few degrees maybe?

  2. and of course, you KNOW that i think the picture is freaking epic in the first place right? :)