15 March 2012

Vanquisher of EVIL...Bushes, acrylic colors process

Im going to journal this acrylic journey.  Im really trying to loosen up as well as understand how Bill Carmen has been pleading with me to treat painting, both digitally and traditionally.  starting loose, and building layers.  Ive done one other painting, but i think this one will be vastly better than the last (sorry, Dad)

I love the process of exploration.  Bill always gets so passionate about finding beautiful and unexpected textures as he paints, and I am finding that as well.

I'll keep updating this post with process shots as I go.

Updated: 16 March

Still having fun.  I need to figure out how to achieve smoother strokes and transitions.  
maybe it's a patience thing...

Updated: 28 March

Updated 31 March
The changes probably seem small.  But I'm still slow at this process.  Im having fun tho, and learning.  so I guess that is ok.  Working on the pile of leaves and then tweaking a few things here and there, and then hopefully I will be done.  I'm ready to be :)
aaaand as an update, I'm not liking how dark it became.  /sigh.  not sure how to bring that back without losing ...something.


  1. This is one of my new favorites. Looks awesome man!

  2. oh thanks for the comment! It has changed a bit from this last process shot. a lot actually. So hopefully It is even better this time around.

    Thanks for checking in!