16 September 2012

itouch portrait

I had some kidney stones blasted this weekend.  I guess it was about the size of a corn kernel.  it has been making me bleed since May, but I finally got it checked out and resolved.  I'm on lots of pain meds and stuff to help me pass the particles.  

Anyway,  I was laying there wanting to do some painting.  I decided to borrow my wife's itouch and paint this using a stylus.  I used a TON of layers.  only 4 are allowed at a time, so I would flatten the image and the paint on a separate layer, lower the opacity of the layer, and rinse and repeat.  It took a very long time, but it was an interesting process.  this is a little bit smaller than how i saw it on the screen.  Of course I could zoom in and stuff.  

I did it as a thumbnail for a part of my exhibition show this fall.  

Im not really sure why but I just really really like this. 

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