05 October 2012

influence - process shots

This semester has been a crazy crazy time.  Im taking a total of 19 credits and ended up losing 2.5 weeks due to kidney stones.  

My biggest challenge will be getting my edges soft and hard where they need to be.  That seems to be my biggest all time issue.

this will be a 3 panel piece about influence.

Update: 12 october
the above pic is a thumbnail of sorts to see how color would work with ideas I was having on how to treat the figures on the sides.  I had originally wanted an angels and demons theme, but one of the faculty on my committee thought it was too "trite".  I can appreciate that.  As an illustrator I sort of like trite sometimes.  Long story short I decided to revisit the angels and demons theme, but not in so trite a manner.  I chose to treat them in a way that would identify them or their motives with mood instead of traditional demon/angel conventions.  I'm still not sure how I want to treat the orbs, but I am getting there.  Also the middle still needs a lot of help especially in the background.  I just have 2 weeks left.  that is scary.  very very scary.  But I can do it.

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