18 January 2013

Abominable snowman

I found some "traditional" brushes online that I absolutely love.  I have tried to make my own, but hadn't been truly happy with them.  I decided to try these new ones out.

it is really fun to work with a limited color pallets, and I tried to be hard nosed about not using any layer styles or tweaks, and to paint it as if it were paint.  I was successful for the most part, but I did use some desaturation on the background and some layer opacity changes, but not much at all.  mostly on the background.  I did color pick at times, but it was minimal.

1 comment:

  1. I really like this composition and this character. The self-imposed restrictions must be valuable; I know other artists who derive great benefit from working with limited 'tools'. I think the pallet on this really works.