21 January 2013

The Bird King

I decided to start my "mobile" sketchbook for 2013.  I have one at home that I draw in all the time.  The paper in my "mobile" one is better and can take multiple mediums.

Anyway, I continue to study and learn, and drew this guy today and painted it using acrylic washes.  

I always see lots of issues once I put it down.  I like this a lot, but it isn't polished.  I would have to start over.  It was really fun to not care and just be really loose.  

I started out with a blue-violet ground and carved the figure out in white.  then used a yellow-orange mixture and went back and forth.  I added red at the end in a few places to bring it to life a bit more.


  1. Wooot! I really like your washes of color. And don't sweat the job search! I know you'll get one as long as you put youself out there! :)

  2. thanks for the kind remarks :) I enjoy washes! I need to do more...