12 May 2012

Gamut Masking - The color wheel

Im not a good color theorist.  Any time I place colors or color schemes it is a complete guess and a crap shoot.  sometimes I feel successful at it, others not.  Either way, I'm not sure what I am doing.  One thing that I would like to explore and become more familiar at is color

James Gurney has invented a gamut masking technique that is wonderful, and one that I want to try and learn

Richard Robinson took Gurney's idea and put it into an online digital form which is amazing.

part one
part two
part three

and then there are other earlier posts

color constancy
and his 2008 posts on color masking, part one and part two

Thanks to the Muddy Colors blog for digging these up!


also: a post on the color of shadows on a white building here

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