09 May 2012

win some, lose some

Illustration class summary

Still trying to figure out edge quality

Vanquisher of Bushes
This was the most frustrating of all.  this acrylic wash business is tough.  I repainted the bush 3 or 4 times and part of me thinks that it is worse now than ever.  The pose of the boy is better than before and the bird looks good.  this scan is sort of bad haha.

This was a fun one.  I think social media is a silly thing.  On one hand, it can be really useful.  On the other it is just a way to crush our hopes in humanity.

the blue birds represent twitter, and the brick wall behind them is Facebook.  Dumpty has got egg on his face.  I went on Facebook and online and found silly, ridiculous, pointless, or plain stupid things people post on their walls or twitter.  I wanted to make the letters vertical like that to suggest bird pooping down the wall.  The idea is pretty hilarious since that is basically what it amounts to most of the time.

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